Reply To: The Nafme conference in Nashville?


Sorry for the late reply to this, but I went on to another conference overseas. There were so many outstanding presentations, it’s hard to select. Here are just a few examples. The workshop on West African drumming by Steve Campbell had everyone playing drums, xylophones and percussion. We came away with the tools to teach two energetic compositions in the classroom. Marcia Neel and Jose Hernandez taught us how to start a Mariachi program, giving us all the basics to teach the instrumental parts of the ensemble in arrangements that were simple enough for a beginner group. I was astounded that they equipped us with so many skills in one session! Mark Hugh Malone took us through a journey of lesson plans exploring the Mississippi Blues Trail – a spectacular resource for aligning the National Standards for Arts Education with Common Core writing, speaking and language standards. Natalie Ozeas and ChaRonDon showed us how to introduce hip-hop in the classroom and have students writing their own compositions. The conference was a raving success with a large number of participants. I believe it will be in the same venue next year – the Gaylord Resort in Nashville. Many delegates brought their families along so that they could enjoy an incredible vacation with heated swimming pools and many other amenities! All-in-all, this was an event that made me determined to be there again next year!