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Thanks deutschd749! The traditional theory class is a tough fit for him, but one that I think will be necessary for him down the road if he wants to make more serious progress. In the meantime, I hope I can create a few “ah-ha” moments for him to motivate him in the second go around at the class (he has stated that he wants to take it again before he graduates, so I really want to have a good game plan to help him succeed for take two. I feel the responsibility of not figuring out a way to address his needs sooner last time and not too many teachers get a “do-over” in situations like this, so I don’t want to blow it….).

I love the singing suggestion! I’d be curious to see if he’s actually internalized any of his own writings….that might be the kind of “ah-ha” moment I can capitalize on.

Thanks for the brainstorm!