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I’ve never seen a theory workbook. I’ve always gotten theory worksheets from big reproducible books or made up my own based on my students’ needs and skill levels (I copied pics of rhythm symbols off google images and copied into Word). Here are a couple great books of resources:

60 Music Quizzes by Jay Althouse. This for after you’ve taught concepts, nonetheless a great resource:

Basic Music Theory Unit 1. Great worksheets for practice:

Ready-to-Use Music Activities Kit by Audrey Adair. I used this a ton. Great activities, lots of variety, totally worth whatever you pay for it.—Use-Music-Activities-Kit/dp/0137622953/ref=sr_1_7?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1351986783&sr=1-7&keywords=music+kit

Make sure that you do interactive activities with the kids beyond just writing. Kids no matter the age need to be up and moving. Play games with whatever concept you are teaching. Literally anything can be a game if you call it that!! Ex. split the class into two teams and give each a paper quarter note (laminated if possible). You say the name of a note – ex. top line G – and the person from each team holding the note has to run up to the board – on which will be drawn a staff – and hold the note in the correct place on the staff. Point for each team if they get it right. Little things like this the kids love and don’t realize that they are repeating the same concepts as in previous activities. I’m not saying nix the worksheets — not at all! just saying use a variety of activities. You may already be doing this. In that case, please disregard my rant. 😛