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Part of getting higher notes is like Nike “JUST DO IT” they have to try and fail. It will come. Just like anything it takes practice. BLOW LOTS OF AIR!! All of the above tips are cool here’s a few more:

Playing lower – Playing in the pedal range will get them to feel their throats opening up to which will get higher notes. Have them first play a Low G (below the staff) Tell them to put a lot of air behind it. I always tell my brass players when playing in the low registers “put some stank on it.” LOL It sounds funny but those low notes won’t sound resonant or intone without lots of AIR. Anyway, have them try to play the same low G open. Once they are able to do that have them continue down chromatically until they can play at least a pedal C. Make it part of their warm-up routine

Lip slurs- “the magic bullet” as I call them. If you have them doing them, then, have them increase the speed. The goal is full lip trills. Flexibility + lots of air = range not to mention just about every other aspect of brass playing even articulation, believe it or not!

Buzzing – This is an often overlooked aspect. Buzzing helps make their air usage more efficient and strengthens their embouchures. They can buzz anything: performance music, scales, nursery rhymes even stuff off of the radio. I tell my brass players to carry their mouthpieces with them everywhere they go. You can buzz almost anywhere and anytime. I make them buzz between classes even.

A raised tongue position is also key for upper register playing