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It is wonderful to have a place like this to vent and let others share with you. But it isn’t on Facebook when it is about students even though they are not named. You have discovered this the hard way. Something that public can certainly come back to haunt you. Don’t friend your students.
Yes you do have the right to pick your singers and you do not have to have auditions for everything. That was a mature student that spoke up in your behalf. However, do not keep things secret. Secret things seem like you are hiding the fact that it is your right to chose. Pick the students and announce it,tell when the rehearsals are and say you have chosen them because of their demonstrated ability and hard work and don’t act like you have done something wrong. Stipulate that they are not an advanced choir but they are singing for a special event. This will let the members of your choir know you are in charge. It shouldn’t be a problem as long as you spread around opportunities.

LeAnna Willmore
NAfME, Choral Education Council Chair