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I sorta do the same thing as lewisl853 does. Though I don’t spell it out in my band handbook, I do make it clear to the students that they are to treat the originals as if they were a textbook (though just now thinking that analogy may not be the best…)

At any rate, the students know that pencil is the only thing they are allowed to use to mark on the music – and they must do it light enough to be able to erase. I also tell them that if they are returned damaged or unreadable (or lost), that they are responsible for the cost of replacement. I also use our school’s “financial obligation” list to ensure that I get compensated for them if the occasion arises. The financial obligation must be met before they can even graduate. I also use that for any other band equipment, uniforms, etc.

I also number all the parts when I pass them out, so I know exactly who had what part. The students know that they are numbered, and that I have a list of each of their numbers. I don’t number them consecutively. I came up with a system that works for me that has an abbreviation for the instrument, part, and what number part it is. So for example, the third copy of 2nd clarinet may be numbered “CL2-3”. I just make an Excel spreadsheet with everyone’s name down Column A, and the name of the piece along Row 1, then put in the assignments accordingly from there.

Yeah, it takes a bit of time and work to do it, but I still have all of my originals. I would recommend to find a system that works for you and try it out.