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1. Kids don’t get school owned instruments. Period. If a parent approaches us about not being able to afford an instrument, we always try to work something out (usually someone in the community donates, or we come up with something, etc). But it is not our “policy” to provide instruments to kids. This creates all sorts of problems.

2. Tubas, baritones, french horn, etc can use school instruments….but we do switch overs for these instruments. We don’t start them.

3. If the school owns the instrument (as they do all of ours) then they pay the repair bill. See if your local stores have a comprehensive maintenance plan (you pay a flat fee, and can send your instruments out whenever). I pitched that as a way to save money. Try that. Ask your principal what’s cheaper…maintaining your car, or buying a new one after driving it 50,000 miles without changing the oil.