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Facing a dwindling economic base my district and the struggle to keep the instrumental numbers up, my district agreed to let us start a school rental plan a few years back for families that qualify for the “Free & Reduced Lunch” program. Students can rent an instrument from us for the two years they play in elementary school and then once in 7th grade they are on their own. I’ve found it a great way to always have low reeds and brass in my older bands too. We did an instrument drive a few years ago to collect instruments and anyone who donated an instrument received a tax write off for the donation.

In a letter we send home each fall parents are informed up front of the limited supply of school owned instruments (woodwinds, brass, strings, no percussion) to rent for those who qualify and that instruments are given out on a first come first served basis. Once we’ve collected the rental forms AND money the names are verified with the district, and instruments are given out. The rental fee is $20 which covers the school year, a lesson book, and supplies. Students return the instruments to us in the spring. Repairs under $75 are covered under our repair budget however we’ve now added a clause to the rental agreement that any repairs in excess of $75 will be the responsibility of the parent.