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we use the free and reduced lunch data also. About 80% of my students use school-owned instruments and sign a $20 per year rental agreement. We waive the 20bucks if they’re on the free or reduced lunch program. It’s visually deceptive because of the appox 110 students who use a school horn only 4 are NOT on free and reduced lunch. So I got a big old $80 bucks through the rental program. I do make first time renting students and family sit through a lesson on care together and I enforce the “you break it you pay for the fix” policy with my admins at my back. Last year I had a kid break a clarinet beyond normal wear-and-tear and she did was not able to register for classes this last fall until she paid the amount. her family couldn’t do it, but my admins and her parents made a “work it off” agreement where she helped the custodial staff for minimum wage until it was paid off.