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During the recruitment season (spring for us) I don’t make it known to anyone that there is the possibility of using school instruments. I am not sure exactly what you can do, short of sending home information for how to rent instruments to the kids in need and then go from there.

Kids who end up not being able to afford an instrument don’t always get a “freebie” from me either. I usually make sure they are a good kid and get good grades first. I have them sign a school-loaner agreement as well. If the instrument needs repaired for general reasons, I’ll cover it (I’ll=booster account). If they damage it, they pay for it. Make sure that is spelled out clearly in the agreement and make sure the parent signs it as well. I typically don’t have kids pay a monthly fee, but they are expected to buy their own mouthpiece.

Out of 60 beginners I usually have around 5 school owned instruments (never any percussion).