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I think the trend of doing as little as possible is a trend everywhere. It’s just the overall work ethic. The students do have the opportunity to take both band and choir now at our school, which they like. Even giving students such as eighth graders the opportunity to do jazz band and pep band does not seem to work. They tend to shy away from it, some because it is before school in the morning (jazz band). At the high school level, which is probably where students have the most opportunities, they can do jazz band and pep band. The high school band also takes a trip to a college football game to join with a marching band, as well as having social activities and getting their own t-shirt. These are some new things that I have put in place for this year, such as having officers and more performances such as playing at soccer games (we do not do football, so soccer is our thing). I have at least successfully recruited one new high school student this year (who is playing oboe and has been taking private lessons), who is doing a fine job. I think it is something that just does not happen in 1-2 years time.