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Unfortunately, it is true. Kids do want to get away with doing as little as possible to get by. How about we give them the motivation to try something new and improve upon it? You could try grabbing students interest by doing a day where they can come into the music room (maybe after school or before?) and look at the instruments, try playing a note on the instruments, and hear the instruments performed on by advance players. Why not use the internet or other audio/video tools for the kids to hear and see the instruments at the professional level. I remember when my band teacher let us look at instruments. When I got a note out of the flute when no one else could, I was hooked because I could do what others couldn’t. Students might need more than an invitation. They might need some motivation via exposure or, in my case, success! You may need to ask some of your nearby friends to come in and give their help with the instruments. Or maybe a group of nearby college music ed. students?

Here’s an idea, why not try to incorporate singing in your band rehearsals? If there’s an interest for singing, take advantage of it because all musicians will benefit from the ability. If its the pop songs that attracts kids, maybe arrange some for band! 🙂

Hope some of this helps.

Current Music Ed major