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I’m right there with you…it’s so hard not to take it personally. However, the reality is that there are kids who are going to quit, and it really has nothing to do with you. I’ve taught at all levels for 24 years, and am in my first year back teaching elementary beginning band. Last year’s teacher had a SLEW of quitters…that was a problem, and most likely did have something to do with her. This year, out of around 200 kids I’ve had 12 or so quitters. I think it’s almost impossible to not have quitters, the question is what your percentage is.

What I do is try to remain focused on the other kids, who LOVE being in band. I was walking a 5th grade class up the other week when one girl, who is in a specialized academic instruction class and very low, turned to me and said “I just LOVE band, it’s my favorite part of the day.” Well, just remember that for every quitter, you’ve probably got 10 times as many kids who would say something like that! Keep those positive thoughts in your mind and you can’t go wrong! These kids will remember us forever!