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I am in the exact same boat, but with 8th graders. This year I moved buildings and teach one class (Gr. 8 chorus) at our high school. I was so excited because I had many of the kids for several years and we did some pretty awesome stuff. Like you, I feel like I’ve been socked in the gut with all of the unexpected discipline — I have had girls fighting in my room, endless disruptions by students, and issue after-school detentions up the wazoo to no avail. Gum chewing, food and beverages are NOT ALLOWED in the high school chorus room, but they have no respect. Today I counted 11 students chewing gum during my rehearsal. Also like you, I have been told that I need to keep my numbers up. I am so frustrated because there are about 10 kids who should just be kicked out of this class so that the 45 who want to be there and work hard can have a good experience. I am afraid that I will be losing my GOOD kids because the bad ones are SO BAD.

If I were a new teacher I would consider it part of the newness, but I am a veteran who is ripping her hair out!

Hopefully someone will post some good advice!!!