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I do “Winter Concerts” with no holiday music (admins choice). My choir has done a slightly lengthened version of “Suzy Snowflake,” the score of which I found in this fabulous book, the Ultimate Christmas Fake Book: It has only a few Winter song ideas, but also has every Christmas – and a couple Hanukkah songs – known to mankind.

I’ve also done “Over the River and Through the Woods” – I just leave out the verse that has “for this is Thanksgiving / Christmas Day.” I had a couple kids play a steady beat on wood blocks and jingle bells. Another great song is Marshmallow World!! I think it’s best to do one’s own arrangement of this song. I found an arr for two parts which I may use, but I’ve seen show choirs do amazing renditions of this song. They sang half of it then gathered in the middle to mime making a snowman while the piano continued with the first verse. Then they got back to positions and sang the rest with a few hand motions.

Some other Winter titles which could easily be arranged for more fun and length are: Frosty the Snowman (people don’t realize how long this is!!), Jingle Bell Rock, Sleigh Ride and Winter Wonderland.

A script for this type of program might include segues such as “Now we offer our own version of this frosty tune. Everyone remembers making their first snowman, but did you ever think he’d come to life?” (frosty) “From sleigh rides to a snow globe we go. Ever realize that freshly fallen snow looks just like whipped cream … or marshmallows?!” (marshmallow world) “Now time for a sleigh ride. A long long time ago people used to travel in the winter by a horse-pulled sleigh! Going to grandma’s house was an adventure in the snow, as this song describes. Listen for the horses hoofs!” (over the river)
Hope that helps!