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The first thing that comes to mind is – regrettably – Glee / High School Musical material, which is show tunes and oldies. They are lively, include harmonies, and the topics of these songs are relate-able, which is very important. You can arrange them yourself or find arrangements (see JW Pepper or Years ago I bought a nice fake book of Broadway songs.. forget the name offhand, sorry. This is excellent because I could give it to my accompanist with repetitions / cuts and we’d be in business.
Movements should be simple: step to the right and clap, step to the left and clap, slowly spin around and hands up / down. Have the group repeat the melody on “La” with motions so they don’t have to go crazy thinking of too many things at once. Depends on the piece you’re choreographing for. Don’t reinvent the wheel!! Look on YouTube for videos of show choir performances.