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    Standard #7 Evaluating music and music performances.

    We’re moving towards a model where 90%+ of our Assessments are Summative Assessments, with a de-emphasis on the Formative Assessment. The discussion therein is for another day. My question for anyone out there is this:

    We’re teaching our students how to evaluate a performance of music. We’re using an Assessment form from our state’s Music association that I modified for 7th grade band student use. I’ve gone through the different categories (Tone/Balance, Intonation, Technique, Expression) I will have them evaluate and taught them what to listen for and how to express that on the form. I even put space under each category for the students to justify their assessment and make suggestions for improvement.

    The question is this; how do I assess their assessment? We have a form we created to assess all of the skills they demonstrate on their instrument (scales, reading/performing rhythms, etc.) with Mastery Levels indicated (Advanced, Proficient, Basic, Minimal, and Not Observed). Any thoughts about what I can include on an assessment form for their own assessment of someone else’s performance? What criteria do the students need to meet to be considered “Proficient” at Evaluating a music performance?



    I know it has been almost a year since your post, so I don’t even know if you still want a reply. If so, I would say that you should make them justify every rating/ranking they assign. That way you have clear evidence of their comprehension of the subject.

    A Form & Analysis professor of mine in college “gave” me “F”s on, I think, 6 papers in a row. Perfect and always correct as I know I am, I approached her to inquire about this undoubted mistake. She said, “I understand what you are going for and I could possibly agree. However, you must justify your arguement. I shouldn’t have to guess. If you can justify your opinion, I know you understand the concepts I went over.”

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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