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    I am the Western Division Representative (representing Hawai’i, California, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona) for the Council for General Music Education (CGME) with NAfME. I would like to start a forum thread to log a gazillion different “Best Teaching Idea(s) EVER!” comments from any and all people reading this particular thread. Anyone across the nation or internationally who reads/submits to this forum is welcome to reply.

    So please…simply share the best teaching idea you have EVER gotten/had in your years of experience…short and sweet is great, long and informative works as well! It can be an idea that was shared by another teacher to you, or an idea you would like to bestow on others. I thank you in advance for your time in adding to this thread.

    Hopefully we all can fill our treasure chest of teaching ideas with the various gems you have to share.

    ****The best teaching idea ever shared from my lead/master teacher in Fargo, North Dakota: Let the students know the schedule/lesson plan (write it on the board daily)–and try to keep the format similar from day to day. While the objectives/standards and activities will change, if the format is similar each day students will find comfort in the routine and can focus on the content and performance standards. Further, if students know what is coming next, they will stay more engaged. Then she added…don’t forget to keep them moving!

    I am aware that not every teacher may adhere to the philosophy of maintaining a schedule as mentioned above; however, I have found it to be beneficial for my students. While I divert from it every so often, my students have told me they like the schedule format and really dislike it when the lesson plan is not visibly available for them to read at the beginning of the lesson.

    I am eternally grateful for all that my lead teacher had to share with me! My students benefit daily from her wisdom and I will never be able to repay her for inspiring me! I would love to hear about your gem(s) and look forward to adding them to my bag of tricks!

    Respectfully Submitted,

    Bridget James
    Western Division Representative
    Council for General Music Education (CGME)
    National Association for Music Education (NAfME)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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