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    I have a student who’s parents want to buy her a better clarinet and are asking my advice. I have several listings from various online sources and I’m not sure what is best. The student will graduate this year and plans to play (for fun) in college next year. They have a limited budget.
    Here are the choices they gave me (any help would be great I’m overwhelmed):
    1993 Yamah 250 in very good condition, plastic. New mouthpiece is Yamaha 4C-new.price $325
    Buffet Crampon B12 used at $535 Model BC2540-5-0
    Stock #1932 Yamaha Advantage, Very good condition, plastic, New mouthpiece Yamaha 4C price $335
    2003 Buffet E11 Good condition, wood mouthpiece vandoren M13 $629
    Used Yamah 20 student clarinet in good condition $219
    Stock #1799 Selmer Signet Very good
    Selmer Signet Very good condition wood, Mouthpiece-Selmer HS $329
    Yamaha 34 good wood condition Mouthpiece Yamah 4C $409
    Stock #1998 Yamaha Advantage very good condition wood $559
    Selmer omega wood composite used $249
    Selmer 103 Grenadilla wood made in USA new pads $199
    Selmer Signet USA 100 wood all new pads $299
    Selmer CL 103 wood $299
    Selmer Cl 200 wood profession serviced $349


    I majored in clarinet. The standard for clarinet majors has always been the Buffet R-13. If she plans to march, I would recommend keeping her first instrument (plastic probably) for outdoor playing. For concert music, go with a good wooden (grenadilla is the standard). Selmers at this price point are okay but for a bit more, I would recommend the Buffet B12 or E11 over the Yamahas.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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