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    At our state conference last winter, I was introduced to a management app where you could group text your band/team/etc. I have searched high and low for the materials I received but no luck. Does anyone out there use an app for mass texting your band? Any good luck/bad luck advice? Specifically, I just want to be able to send messages to my bandies without using my own number, without need replies from everyone to everyone. Reminders, dates, bus times, etc. Thanks for your help!


    We have been using the “Remind” app for group messaging. It has limited text, ala Twitter, but it will reach everyone through email and/or phone. Has been working great for us. Recently many of the classroom teachers have begun to use it as well. There is an option to allow people to message you through the app, but I would reccommend turning it off and only communicating to parents through school e-mail for individual concerns. Hope that helps. Take care.


    Remind or Google Classroom for communication and Doodle to schedule meetings.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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