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    I am a 10+ year veteran teacher with experience in both band and general music (jh/hs and elementary). Due to cuts in our district I was moved to the middle school (6th /7th) choral position. This position has been through a lot of changes in the past 5 years and the current schedule is wearing me down. I have 320 students divided into 3 sixth grade choirs and 3 seventh. Every student in our middle school is required to take either band or choir every day, all year. My problems so far have been motivating the students who don’t want to sing. In the past the students had the option of taking a general music class either every other day or for one semester, but due to cuts we have no study hall for them to go to when not in class. I am currently working on a proposal to present to the principal/building leadership team on reinstating a general music program. My thoughts so far are mainly on numbers/scheduling. If I have 2 sixth grade choirs of 60 and 1 sixth grade general music class of 40 and the same for seventh, I will still be able to teach the same number of students, but I feel my choir classes will be much more productive with the non-participants removed. And this gives the general music students the opportunity to learn about music in a way that is more appealing to them. In my idea of a schedule I would have general music every other day and have them in my room for a study hall on the other days. Do you have any thoughts/ideas as to how best present this in a proposal? I want to make sure my plan is written as what’s best for the students and their education.

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