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    I will be starting a new High School choir teaching job in a couple weeks, and one of the standards I’ve been looking at is the evaluation piece where students are asked to identify criteria for analysis of a performance, and apply those criteria to evaluate. I have been planning to record my own choirs so they can self-evaluate and look up videos on the web, but how much more meaningful and relevant would it be to have another group to partner with to provide mutual feedback?

    If anyone is interested in swapping feedback between our student groups (either using Skype or prerecorded video) and possibly mutually developing criteria for evaluation, please let me know and we can get started brainstorming!


    I know this post is old, but are you still interested? I would love to connect with another choir!
    – Erin


    I’m not sure if the original writer will reply, but I’m interested in swapping! I teach elementary music and high school choir at a small school in rural Montana. My high school choir is 36, junior high choir is 24. We’d love to have a classroom to trade videos with! If you get this, please email me.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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