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    Why should guitarists attend the ASTA National Conference?

    The ASTA National Conference has so much to offer teachers and players in all areas of strings. Here is a sampling of the workshops designed just for guitar teachers.

    March 5 1-5 pm Guitar Workshops

    Guitar in Your School: Start it, Teach it, And Enjoy It!
    Convention Center: 103

    Start a new or enhance an existing guitar program in your school. Reach more students with 6-string instruction. Including guitar in your music department will bring in new students and you will keep your job. Learn resources to develop your pedagogy. Specific segments include: “21 Things I Have Learned about Teaching Classroom Guitar”; “The DoSo Guitar Method”; “Reflections of a 1st Year Guitar Teacher” and a performance by the Bryan Station High School Guitar Ensemble under the direction of Don Hicks (Lexington, KY). Led by members of ASTA’s Guitar-in-the-Schools Committee this pre-conference workshop will add a spark to your career. All string teachers are welcome!
    Josinaldo Costa, Bill Swick, David Mills, and Stephen Mattingly

    Sponsored by: Guitar and Accessories Marketing Association (GAMA)

    To register for this session please use this form. Indicate this email special and pay only $50 for the session. (That’s only $10 per hour of learning – what a great deal!)

    Join us from March 6-8 for the entire conference

    Guitar Specific Sessions include:
    Guitar Music-Reading Pedagogy: New Approaches to a Challenging Subject
    Convention Center: 207
    Most traditional note-reading pedagogies for guitar emphasize learning first-position. As an unintended result, they limit beginners’ fretboard knowledge, and thus their ability to sight read comfortably in the upper positions. The presenter will propose an alternative model that links learning the notes on the stave with learning their locations throughout the fretboard, even at the beginning levels of instruction.
    Presenter: Gonzalo Gallardo, Loudoun County Public Schools

    Teach and Play Cool Stuff for Class Guitar
    Convention Center: 207
    Learn to play some fun stuff that will expand your guitar skills and your understanding of real world guitar playing. The patterns you learn form the basis of many great guitar parts that you will want to teach in class. Some of the patterns include: composing with alternative chord voicings; chord embellishments; classic blues rhythm patterns; classic chord progressions and fingerings; lead guitar patterns; fingerpicking; using a Capo; and travis picking.
    Presenter: Aaron Stang, Alfred Music Publishing Co.
    Playing and Teaching Popular Guitar
    Convention Center: 209
    We will examine the practical function and role of the guitar in popular music using a “bottom up” approach beginning with bass lines, chords, and riffs. Common misunderstandings surrounding various guitar techniques will be discussed, and we will apply simple chord construction principles that fit easily and naturally to the guitar fretboard. The overall goal will be to incorporate more of what young guitar students really want to learn into each class.
    Presenter: Aaron Stang, Alfred Music Publishing Co.

    Incorporating Fingerstyle Technique in Your Guitar Class
    Convention Center: 209
    Open up new musical possibilities for your guitar students by learning the basics of fingerstyle guitar playing. This clinic provides lesson plans and materials to get you and your students off to the right start. Bring your guitar!
    Presenter: Luther Enloe, Georgia State University

    Guitar Dual-Level Masterclass
    Convention Center: 101
    Master Teacher: Stephen Mattingly, University of Louisville

    You Want ME to Teach Guitar? I’m an Orchestra Director!
    Convention Center: 105
    Yes, an orchestra director can teach class guitar! Come learn how and why to start a guitar program at your school. Guitar & orchestra program collaboration only makes a string program stronger! The session will include discussion of class guitar pedagogy, music, materials, equipment, and strategies for collaboration.
    Presenters: Charles Laux and Bob Morris
    Sponsored by: G. Schirmer Music

    Class Guitar Programs in the U.S.
    Convention Center: 211
    There has been an exponential rise in class guitar programs at the secondary level across the United States. While there is broad diversity across curricula, common themes arise in terms of the unique contributions class guitar programs offer school districts and their surrounding music communities. In this session we will study current trends in class guitar education and explore opportunities for cultivating new programs, based on a survey of success and emerging standards among existing programs.
    Presenter: Stephen Mattingly, University of Louisville

    Sampling of Other Relevant Workshops:
    Parent Communication 101: A Troubleshooting Guide
    Convention Center: 102/103
    One of the most essential components of string education is parental involvement. A panel of private studio, public school, and community-based teachers will discuss specific strategies to mobilize parents for your string program. Solutions to troubleshoot common issues including appropriately communicating in a technological age, and maximizing the effectiveness of interactions with parents will be offered. By improving communication with parents, you can enjoy the benefits of a healthy and supportive community within your program.
    Presenters: Lisa Caravan, Auburn University; Erin Ellis, Waldorf School of Atlanta; Eric Crawford, Wichita High School East; Elizabeth Hanan, Rochester City School District

    Building Robust String Programs Through Public-Private Partnerships
    Convention Center: 101
    In 2008, the Seattle Youth Symphony was presented with a Wallace Foundation Excellence Award to rebuild string instrumental music in the Seattle Public Schools. Through a formal partnership with the Seattle school district, the Youth Orchestra worked with principals and classroom teachers to create a vertically aligned, sequential program in six elementary schools. After four years, middle school string enrollment has grown from 35 students to 160 students. This session will explore how the program works.
    Presenter: Kathleen Allen, Seattle Youth Symphony; Stephen Radcliffe, Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestra

    Wed Your Program to Community Engagement
    Convention Center: 110/111
    Advocacy is an essential part of our role as performers and music educators. In this session we look at guiding principles of community engagement. Strategies include addressing an audience in ways that enhance the listening experience, creating events that excite and stimulate the imagination, and exploring new, and perhaps unconventional performance contexts. Through these measures we ignite public interest and create new champions for the Arts.
    Presenter: Sharan Leventhal, Boston Conservatory

    You Are the Best Musician in Your School, So Teach with Passion!
    Convention Center: 105
    A school day includes lunch duty, hall duty, collecting fundraising money, organizing, scheduling, fixing instruments, and more. How much time do you actually have to teach music? Not much, right? If you’re feeling burned out, this clinic is for you. You only get a small portion of the day to teach what you love, so don’t waste it! Larry Clark’s inspirational words and advice will help you rekindle your love for teaching and use precious time wisely for music-making.
    Presenter: Elizabeth Holub
    Sponsored by: Carl Fischer Music

    To see all of the wonderful educational offerings at the upcoming conference, please visit this link:

    Click to access 2014_regform.pdf

    Mention this and attend the Guitar pre-conference session on Wednesday, March 5 for only $50!

    Offer Expires: February 17, 2014. Offer only valid on the Guitar pre-conference session.

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