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    I am looking for some music for my 6th grade band to play. They will first take up their instrument in September, and have a concert in January and June. They will have band every other day for about 45 minutes. I am looking for real beginner band music, but the term “beginner band” seems to refer to anyone playing music level 1-2. First concert they will probably be playing level 1/2. And level 1 in June. I can’t find any lists with level 1/2 music. I’m looking for recommendations for actual good music at that level?


    I have been teaching beginning band for some time now so here are some suggestions for where to look for music.
    Curnow Beginning Band Collection
    Queenwood Beginning Band Books
    Shortcuts for Begining Band
    Belwin Beginning Band Kits
    Concert Favorites-Essential Elements
    Standard of Excellence Concert Favorites
    Also look at the Teaching Through Performance for Beginning Bands and look through JW Pepper.


    Here are a few of my favorites at those two levels. The JW Pepper Basic Library list at the Beginning and Very Easy levels would also be good to look at.

    Grade 1/2

    Defender of Time, Rob Grice
    High Adventure, Paul Lavender
    Relics of the Past, Sean O’Laughlin
    The Argonauts, Mike Hannickel
    Thunderbolt Peak, Timothy Johnson

    Grade 1

    A Shaker Hymn, John O’Reilly
    African Folk Trilogy, Anne McGinty
    Anasazi John Edmonson
    Northridge Overture, John O’Reilly
    Theme and Variations, Timothy Loest


    Mrs. Carroll, I hope things are going well for you! I just got my band music library catalogued and found that Sandy Feldstein & John O’Reilly collaborated on some really easy pieces. I think most of it is older by now, and was published by Alfred. Good luck!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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