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    The traditional approach to this time of the year with all the assessment concerts/festivals I like to call “show, blow, and go”. Band/Orchestra/Chorus goes to perform, gets a rating and goes home. We have a different approach in Fairfax County.
    Check it out:

    2014 Mid-Atlantic Guitar Ensemble Festival
    Saturday, March 22 at South County High School 8501 Silverbrook Road, Lorton, VA 22079

    Featuring a midday concert by Michael Chapdelaine

    Adjudicators that work with the guitar ensembles:
    Dr. Danielle Cumming, Julian Gray, Steve Lin, & Kevin Shannon

    Clinics include:
    Jeff Ponder, Guitar Maintenance 9:30-10:30 ~ 10:45-11:45
    Michael Chapdelaine, Fingerstyle 9:30-10:30
    Dr. Robert Trent, “The Healthy Guitarist” 10:45-11:45
    Rick Whitehead, Jazz 1:45-2:45 ~ 3:30-4:30
    Eric Ulreich, Rock 1:45-2:45 ~ 3:30-4:30
    Keith Stevens, Performance Classes for student soloists – to be scheduled
    Dr. Robert Trent, Performance Classes for student soloists – to be scheduled
    Vendors: Music & Arts Guitar Gallery

    Ensembles Performing:
    West Potomac HS Guitar, Robinson SS Advanced Ensemble, Westfield HS Guitar Ensemble, Lake Braddock SS Advanced.
    Robinson SS Intermediate Ensemble, South County HS Guitar Ensemble, Falls Church HS, West Springfield HS Guitar Orchestra,
    South County MS Ensemble, All-County Guitar Ensemble, West Springfield HS Guitar Ensemble, South County MS Ensemble 1,
    Herndon HS Guitar, Centreville HS Wildcat Guitar Ensemble 1, Lake Braddock SS Concert, South Lakes HS Seahawk Guitar Ensemble, Centreville HS Wildcat Guitar Ensemble 2,Herndon HS Guitar 4 Ensemble, WSHS Gypsy Jazz Combo, Yorktown High School, Hayfield SS Guitar 2/3, Meadowbrook High School, Osbourne High School

    Jodi Austin Reid, Meadowbrook High School
    Bill Burke, Centreville High School
    Patrick Burke, Hayfield Secondary School
    Christopher Cunningham, Herndon High School
    Rosemary Gano, West Potomac High School
    John Graham, Lake Braddock Secondary
    Kenneth Hall, Westfield High School
    Matthew Kulikosky, South Lakes High School
    Keith Owens, West Springfield High School
    Matthew Rinker, Yorktown High School
    Stacey Rubach, Osbourne High School
    John-David Sayle, South County Middle School
    Scott Seifried, Robinson Secondary
    Jacob Walker, Falls Church High School
    Dr. Michael Ward, South County High School


    That sounds like a great day for your high school programs! Congratulations to all who worked on putting such a great event together for the students and teachers. We are starting our second year of a statewide guitar ensemble festival this year on April 27. The event draws mostly from the central Rio Grande Valley, but we have had groups come from as far away as Deming (400 miles) and Santa Fe to participate. Last year we had 18 groups, middle and high school. The distances here in New Mexico are daunting for many of our programs. There are some 40 programs statewide now, so we are looking forward to doing the festival over two days in the future!

    It is always inspiring to hear about what is going on in Virginia! How was All-State?

    John Truitt

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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