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    Hello Everyone,

    My name is Lois Guderian and I have been incorporating improvisation and music composition into teaching and learning in general music for more than 20 years – first as a teacher in the schools and now as a university music methods professor and designer of programs.

    I passionately adhere to the idea that when opportunities for improvising and composing are consistently part of an interrelated curriculum, students’ learning in music, and their attitudes about their learning in music are impacted substantially and and in a positive way.

    There are many ways to provide students opportunities to develop creative thinking in music through improvisation and composition. My specialty is to design curriculum and instruction where opportunities for improvisation and composition are consistently part of a comprehensive, standards-based, sequentially ordered curriculum.

    My present position is Music Education Coordinator for the University of Wisconsin-Superior. This term I am teaching 4 music education methods courses and one general music class of non-majors. For the methods courses, I design fieldwork projects for the schools that include teaching and learning in music improvisation and composition. The fieldwork provides my students with opportunities to apply a portion of their course studies in hands on teaching and learning in this area of music education. These are wonderful experiences for the young students, their teachers and for us.

    I look forward to our communications this month of May.

    And yes, I am also a composer: A teacher and a composer.

    My best to you,


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