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    Good day everyone! I’m Christopher Perez, your Southern Divison Representative on the NAfME Guitar Council. I direct the Guitar Program at Freedom High School in Orlando, Florida. I will be happily answering your guitar questions for the from now through December. I’m looking forward to seeing more activity in the Guitar Forum!

    I also want to share a quick update on the NAfME Guitar Council. Over the summer the guitar council worked very diligently and created a living document on recommendations for performance and knowledge standards for Guitar 1 and Guitar 2 level students to possess. In the coming months we will be working a creating recommendations for higher level guitar students. These guitar standards are based on what is now the NAfME Music Standards. Bill Swick of the Las Vegas Academy Guitar Program in Nevada is our new Chair for the NAfME Guitar Council. He along with the incredible ground work by Glen McCarthy and John Truitt are helping us form a solid foundation for all teachers of guitar, regardless of experience. The focus and goal is to publish these standards and help solidify what and how guitar is taught in our schools.

    Please pass along and share your questions. I’m eager to help in any way. Cheers!

    Christopher Perez
    Freedom High School Guitar Program

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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