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    Can anyone recommend an online workshop for choral directors? I am struggling to keep up with my own professional development, while maintaining my family schedule, in addition to the second job I have (church musicians unite!). I need something that doesn’t take me away from my daily grind. Or, perhaps there are specific YouTube videos that you have found particularly helpful?

    Thanks for the advice!


    I often look up YouTube videos to hear and see performances. However, are you looking for something specific along the lines of teaching music?
    Anna Hamre, DMA
    Director of Choral Activities
    California State University, Fresno


    I love to use YouTube for watching performances. I use it frequently in my classroom.

    I am, however, looking for videos specific to teaching music. Any suggestions along those lines would be very helpful!


    I believe NAfME has some. You also might check with music programs and/or professors that you admire to see if they have recorded any specific classes that might be useful. In my area of California I don’t know of any, but I’ll ask around. There are, of course, various videos available for purchase from publishers that might be useful (e.g., those featuring Rodney Eichenberger, Jeff Johnson). Perhaps your local university has them available for check-out?

    Anna Hamre


    I don’t know of any online workshops, per se, but indeed YouTube and ChoralNet are great resources.
    Best of luck-
    Christopher Borges


    There are probably some good online workshops, but nothing beats getting out and attending one in the summer. I hold a 4-day workshop in the Los Angeles area in the summer, and you would learn a lot in a short amount of time. We have been offering it for the past two years and people have said that they learned a lot and had fun. THANKS! Chris Peterson

    Here are some of the details about it:


    July 14–17, 2015
    at Cal. State Fullerton
    Reinvigorate your passion for teaching in this 4-day intensive workshop designed for choral music educators teaching grades K-12 and above. Reading sessions, conducting masterclasses, an extensive reading packet, and class breakout sessions highlight the week.

    Sing and Experience New Repertoire
    Part of each day we will meet as a large choir to read through choral literature for the pure fun of it, and also to experience new literature for all grade levels. When is the last time you sang…just for the fun of it?

    Engage in Conducting Masterclasses
    Interested attendees will have the opportunity (first come basis) to receive conducting instruction in front of the large choir.

    Enrich Your Teaching
    Breakout class sessions will allow you to choose topics in your particular interest area.

    Energize Your Passion for Music
    Meet colleagues, investigate new approaches to teaching and music making, and earn optional college credit in a positive learning environment.

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