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    I’m looking for advice or feedback from any elementary music teachers who have completed online masters in music education programs. I’ve noticed there are a number of online programs for working music teachers out there. I currently have a bachelors in music ed and a bachelors in percussion performance. I’m in my second year as an elementary music specialist and am looking for an online program that would cater to elementary music.

    Anything anyone can share would be appreciated.


    Seattle, WA


    Hi, Bob,

    Thank you for posting in this forum. While I did not receive my Masters online, I am currently finishing my doctorate in this way, and I can tell you that with any program, you get what you put into it. Online learning requires a lot of discipline, particularly because people who choose to go this route are also juggling careers, families, etc. That said, I am unaware of a program that caters specifically to elementary music. This doesn’t mean it does not exist. I am not familiar with every master’s program out there. If you look at many masters programs, there’s a fair amount of courses that focus on research, statistics, assessment, and history, which is typical. I suggest that you look at the course offerings for various online masters programs to see if elementary music is offered as an elective. You might also find a program that does focus specifically on elementary music. A good place to start your search is the online program at Boston University.

    Good luck!

    Erin Zaffini



    Thanks for the reply. I’ve had good conversations with Kent State, University of Nebraska, and Anderson College. I’m aware of Boston’s program, but I’m afraid it’s simply out of my price range. I’m encouraged with all the information I’ve found. I’m leaning towards Anderson for three reasons: price, their “journey coach” program (a mentor that’s there for support through the entire program), and required private lessons as part of the degree. (they encourage you to take lessons in an unfamiliar area or an area you wish to improve) As a percussionist and elementary specialist, I’d be taking advantage of vocal lessons! 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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