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    Does anyone want to share their Professional Growth Plan?
    I am stumped for this school year. I have tied mine to math
    and reading for too many years. I am ready for a big change!


    This year my professional growth plan is to develop a more efficient system of recording performance rubric assessments which will transfer assessments directly to a computer file or app for tabulation of marking period grades and for assessment data purposes. I have researched and tried a few iPad seating chart/grading apps for recording grades, and I’m using one now to see how well it works. (In the past, all assessments have been recorded with pencil/paper and it was very cumbersome to transfer to the gradebook and total up at the end of the marking period.) We also have to provide data to the state for progress on Student Learning Objectives, so this should hopefully make things much easier.

    Last year my goal was to develop and implement a positive behavior incentive plan for my classroom which ties into our school-wide behavior plan and also to play a more active role in developing/evaluating our school’s plan. Additionally, another goal (which has been ongoing for about 2-3 years) is to update my curriculum to fit the latest version of our state’s standards using the specific template that our district wants us to use (this is a district-wide goal–all the teachers are expected to work on this).

    Other goals in the past have been
    -to become more familiar with Music Learning Theory and include more activities to develop students’ rhythmic and tonal aptitudes
    -to differentiate music pattern instruction based on rhythmic and tonal aptitude
    -to become more familiar with techniques for maintaining vocal health (for both myself and my students) and to promote vocal health amongst students, parents, and staff
    -to develop/continue work on a database of songs and activities categorized by possible musical objectives, themes, and culture
    – to become more knowledgeable about music of other cultures and incorporate more multicultural music into lesson plans or instructional units
    -to continue work on/complete coursework towards a masters degree in music education
    -to develop and implement a curriculum for pre-kindergarten music
    -to become more familiar with the Orff approach and expand extra-curricular offerings to include and Orff percussion ensemble

    There are probably a few more….

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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