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    I’m the NEW itinerant choir teacher in my district. I have two middle school classes – which I’m very comfortable teaching since I have experience with them. These two groups have decent member numbers. However, this is my first year teaching High School Chorus. I have always wanted to teach high school, so this is my dream job being able to teach both levels. My school is a College and Career Ready/Pathway School and has recently done away with the Music Pathway. Also, they have created full period intervention courses which takes students not only out of my choir classes, but also our band program IF they do not meet benchmark scores on certain tests. I have three choir periods with the following member numbers. 3, 10, and 10…Our principal is willing to work with the students on these intervention courses IF they are willing to work with him. None of the students know me except the ones I’ve had in class already OR the ones in the band program, which makes it difficult to really get out there and promote and recruit. PLEASE give me some ideas to possibly remedy this situation. I know that I may have to deal with some of the circumstances until next year when it comes to testing and scores, but there has to be a way to get more than just 23 kids in my classes COMBINED. I am planning to have a “Sing and Meet” one day after school to where students who may be hesitant come in and meet me and sing with the current choir students and possible Alumni and have pizza or something.

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