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    Greetings from New Jersey, where teachers will have a new evaluation system next year that ties part of their pay to test scores. We have flourishing band, chorus and orchestra programs with over 200 students involved. Seventh and eighth graders are pulled out of classes 1X per week on a rotating for lessons, and the large ensemble rehearsals are after school.

    My principal told me yesterday that he is considering schedule changes that I feel would truly marginalize our music department at the MS. This is because the academic teachers are complaining about having their students pulled out of class, since they will be evaluated in a new way next year.

    I am collecting data from as many grade 7 & 8 programs as possible to present to the principal next week. Any information would be most appreciated.
    1. What kind of schedule do you have at your middle school for grades 7 & 8?
    2. How does the band,orchestra, and chorus full ensemble scheduling work in your school?
    – Lessons?
    – full ensemble rehearsals?
    3. How long are your lessons?
    4. How many students are in a lesson group?

    Thank you!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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