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    I teach Grade 6 General Music in a shared classroom. I see each class once a week for 50 minutes. This year, I’ve written each student’s name on an index card and will use those cards to arrange seating. It may be alphabetical for awhile, until I learn names, then rearranged for various reasons. When the students come to class each week, they will find the card on the chair they are supposed to occupy.

    My question is, after the students find their cards and sit down, how do I collect them in an organized fashion? I know if I leave them with the kids until the end of class, they’ll get torn (I don’t want to laminate them) or damaged by feet if placed underneath each chair. Should I have each row of five pass the cards to the left for me to walk down the aisle and collect? Have row leaders return the cards to a designated spot?

    I hope to use the cards to help me take attendance as well. If I instruct students not to pass in the card from an empty chair, I’ll know the names of missing students right away. Thanks for any suggestions.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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