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    Long story short, had some kids write an essay for a local contest to win a guitar. This is an excerpt from one of the winning entries…you’d never know the circumstances of this kid’s life by looking and interacting with her, but I’m in awe of how much just learning to play guitar in a school class has affected her. Hope you enjoy…

    Another reason why I want to learn how to play the guitar is because of my dad. My dad has not been in my life since I was three because he is in and out of jail for drugs. When I was young I did not know that much about him because my mom did not like to talk about him. I did not know what he looked like either. In 8th grade, I had to do a project that involved using a lot of pictures from when I was a baby and a toddler. When I got the project, I finally found out what my dad looked like because my mom shoed me the pictures. She let me use the pictures for my project. Amongst the many pictures of him and I there was one that stood out to me. There was a picture of him sitting next to me playing guitar. For seem reason I really liked that picture and it became my favorite one. I did not know that he played guitar until I saw that picture. Ever since I saw the picture my desire to play guitar has increased. It made me want to learn how to play because it would be reminder of my dad. I wanted to learn how to play so that I would have something in common with him. Since I was never around him after the first three years of my life, I do not know what things we have in common, if any. However, now that I am learning who to play the guitar I know we have at least one thing in common. Sometimes when I play I think about him and wonder if he still plays.

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