Gather at the Water Cooler: NAfME Shares the School Year in Images, Posts and Tweets


If you can read this3


Are you taking stock of the school year? Still spring concerts  on your schedule? Other items to check off on your to-do list before you head out for the summer? How do you feel about the soon-to-wrap-up school year? 

Post on the NAfME Facebook page to let us now what went well (and what didn’t) during your concert or even a Wednesday music class. Share the highs and lows of your school year with other music teachers and with students.

And speaking of summer, what are your plans? Classes to hone your skills? Spending time with family and friends. Teaching?  If you take a vacation, where do you go? Not surprised if you plan to find some music somewhere. 

The Livability website looked at music cities beyond the usual suspects, including New York, Nashville and New Orleans, They suggest:


  1. Athens, Georgia

  2. Minneapolis, Minnesota

  3. Portland, Oregon

  4. Chapel Hill, North Carolina

  5. Omaha, Nebraska

  6. Cambridge, Massachusetts

  7. Fort Worth, Texas

  8. Madison, Wisconsin

  9. Tulsa, Oklahoma

  10.  Concord, California.

Time to hit the road?

NAfME will be around over the summer so don’t forget to keep Tweeting us or posting on Facebook any thoughts you want to share while you are away from school. Or just pick up the phone and call us at (703-860-4000 or 800-336-3768) if you need a question answered.

In the meantime, here is a social media year in review through our eyes…and yours.

 Music Makes Me


Guitar class



Graduation video2


2014 USAAAMB Graduation Video



Instruments in caramel


2014 USAAAMB Graduation Video



Sweet Ad2




Empire State Building


Music Stimulates the Brain


Danielle at El Dorado




Music is What I Do



Ella birthday2


Take a Broader Minded View of Music Education


Broader Minded Movement




 Tri-M Contest2






 Take A Stand2


Beyond the Bubbles Tee Shirts


Testing Doesn't Measure









 Lone Genius


 5000 Tweets


 USAAAMB halftime




 2013 AHNE




USAAAMB Media Tour


 Teacher Burnout

 And to Music Teachers everywhere, NAfME wants to say, Well Done! 

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