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 Welcome to the National Association for Music Education (NAfME)! 

Want to teach, study, support, or make music? 

Over 70,000 members belong to our organization – mostly music teachers, but we’re open to anyone.

Add in music students from pre-K through college and you’re looking at the largest, oldest association on the planet that’s dedicated to music education.

Want to join?  Great!

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 Everyone Should Be Able to Learn Music

Every student who wants to learn music or play an instrument or perform with a school band or orchestra deserves that chance. 

That’s what NAfME believes.   And those kids should have access to sequential, high-quality classroom music training. 

We support our members through outstanding student performance programs, student service organizations, teacher professional development, research, networking, and music education advocacy.

Put it all together and it sounds GOOD, especially if you’re a music educator or planning to become one!

 The Serious Fun of Music Education

It’s a fact – music energizes and elevates all of us.  And when it’s taught in schools by trained music educators, the positive impact it has on learning is undeniable! 

Music helps kids in more ways than you can imagine.  It keeps the “whole” student engaged and, frankly, it just makes for better schools.

Teachers, parents, and administrators who understand this often join NAfME because they know we’re the unifying force for music education.  They tend to be “broader minded”.

Music is fun, and it’s also important. NAfME takes music education seriously, because we know what it can do for all of us, especially students.