Update Editorial Committee

Update Editorial Committee

Ruth Brittin, Editor (2008-2014)
University of the Pacific
Stockton, CA


David Wolfe, General Researcher (2008-2014)
Palm Springs, CA

Kate Fitzpatrick, Instrumental Researcher (2008-2014)
Ypsilanti, MI

Alice-Ann Darrow, Special Topics Researcher (2006-2012)
Tallahassee, FL

Kimberly VanWeelden, Choral Researcher (2010-2016)
Florida State University
School of Music
Tallahassee, FL

Carlos Rodriguez, Elementary Researcher (2010-2016)
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI


Charles Norris, Special Topics Practitioner (2008-2014)
Grand Valley State University
Allendale, MI

Abby Butler, Choral Practitioner (2006-2012)
Wayne State University
Detroit, MI

Martha Miller, Elementary Practitioner (2006-2012)
Foot of Ten Elementary School
Duncansville, PA

Ann Clements, General Music Practitioner (2010-2016)

Jill Sullivan, Instrumental Practitioner (2010-2016)
Arizona State University
Gilbert, AZ

Staff Liaison:  Ella Wilcox