Music Education Sessions from NAMM Believe in Music Week, January 18–22

NAfME Music Education Sessions from
2021 NAMM Believe in Music Week, January 18–22

NAMM Show Believe in Music Week
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National Association for Music Education (NAfME) participated in NAMM’s Believe in Music Donation Program during NAMM Believe in Music Week (January 18–22), a FREE global gathering to unify and support the people who bring music to the world—not the least, music educators. The NAMM Foundation matched gifts dollar-for-dollar up to $10,000 during Believe in Music Week. Music education advocates: Please continue to donate today. Registration (which is free) was required for your donation to count toward the matching gift from NAMM during that week. (Select “National Association for Music Education (NAfME)” in the dropdown menu of the Donate tab when you log in to the Believe in Music Week platform.)

Register now (there’s no fee!) in order to tune in to NAfME President Mackie V. Spradley’s conversation with Mary Luehrsen of NAMM on Tuesday, January 19, at 2:00 PM ET/11:00 AM PT. The interview will be available on-demand the remainder of the week and shared on NAfME social media (@NAfME). Follow the hashtag #BelieveinMusic for more information.

Music educators: Be sure to tune in to the NAfME Music Education sessions (on this page, under “Programs” on the left, select “Music Education Days”). Register and check out the full Believe in Music Week events and schedule. Most of the education, training, and brand events are available for viewing on demand after the event. Remember to bookmark what you’d like to watch and access all of your picks on the ‘My Event’ page. Session recordings will be available on the Believe in Music platform through February 28.

Monday, January 18

Developing the Successful Guitar Class, 2:20–3:25 PM ET/11:20 AM–12:25 PM PT

In this session by Michael Christiansen, the do’s and don’ts of how to construct the guitar class will be presented. Unique opportunities and challenges will be addresses. Topics will include: what you need to get started, what every guitar student should learn, engaging every student, implementing blended learning, and incorporating ensemble literature. Presented by The NAMM Foundation in collaboration with NAfME.

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month in Your Music Class, 5:45–6:50 PM ET/2:45–3:50 PM PT

Learn how NAfME members Ramon Rivera and Jacob Scherr of Mount Vernon High School Music Department in Washington State held a school-wide Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration at their school that included the whole music department. Mr. Rivera and Mr. Scherr will share how Hispanic Heritage Month impacted the music department and helped increase student engagement. They will share many video resources that you can use in your classroom. They will also show you how the Mount Vernon High School music students can cross over to different music groups and be part of the band, Mariachi orchestra, and choir at the same time. Presented by The NAMM Foundation in collaboration with NAfME.


Tuesday, January 19

Teaching General Music during COVID-19: Changing Our Focus to Creating, Responding, and Connecting, 12:00–1:05 PM ET/9:00–10:05 AM PT

There are many unknowns about what the future of general music will look like. With a myriad of possibilities and constraints, how will and how can we effectively teach students music? This series of webinars will examine teaching general music from multiple music education approaches. Using the 2014 Music Standards as a framework, presenters Becky Halliday, Phil Wilson, and Rob Lyda will provide music teachers with ideas and possible solutions to teach general music during COVID-19. Presented by The NAMM Foundation in collaboration with NAfME.

National Association for Music Education: Meet the Believe in Music Donation Partner, 2:00–2:15 PM ET/11:00–11:15 AM PT

NAfME’s mission is to advance music education by promoting the understanding and making of music by all. Learn more and support NAfME during Believe in Music Week.

Teaching Students with Disabilities during COVID-19, 5:00–6:05 PM ET/2:00–3:05 PM PT

Presented by Alice Hammel. How do we adapt teaching for students with disabilities during COVID-19? How do we remove barriers to accessibility? Some adaptation strategies can be utilized with technology to improve accessibility of materials. We also understand how anxiety in this time can be magnified in students who access the world differently. Finally, we all remember that the relationships we have with our students and our openness to helping them learn in their own way are primary considerations. Presented by The NAMM Foundation in collaboration with NAfME.

Coalition on Coalitions Forum and National “Arts Are Education” Town Hall, 5:30–6:45 PM ET/2:30–3:45 PM PT

The Coalition on Coalitions is a working group made up of NAMM members and their networks working on state-level music and arts education advocacy efforts. Join your colleagues for a session covering the national state of play for public arts ed, what we should be watching for and what we should do this year, and the launch of a national arts advocacy campaign—”Arts Are Education.” Speakers include Lynn Tuttle, NAfME Director of Public Policy, Research, and Professional Development, with Bob Morrison of Quadrant Research and James Palmarini of Educational Theatre Association.


Wednesday, January 20

Online Learning Strategies with Modern Band, 3:05–4:10 PM ET/12:05–1:10 PM PT

Presented by Scott Burstein, Spencer Hale, and Mary Claxton of Little Kids Rock. This session will identify and demonstrate how teachers can make music in a digital space using a combination of engaging activities for voice, body drumming, and music production software. Participants will leave with basic knowledge of modern band skills, music as a second language pedagogy, and songwriting to create student-centered musical experiences. Presented by The NAMM Foundation in collaboration with NAfME.


Thursday, January 21

The 7 Business Skills Every Music Teacher Needs to Create and Grow a Thriving Music Program, 12:00–1:05 PM ET/9:00–10:05 PM PT

Presented by Elisa Jones. Have you ever noticed that there’s a lot more to running a thriving music program than just teaching music? In this session we’ll expose the 7 business skills music educators must learn to optimize their music program—especially if they need to recruit, could use more funding, or need to advocate for their program. Presented by The NAMM Foundation in collaboration with NAfME.

Advocating for Music Education Utilizing Social-Emotional Learning, 4:35–5:40 PM ET/1:35–2:40 PM PT

SEL is a construct implemented across the globe providing students with skills to confront challenges by being self-aware, socially aware, and making responsible decisions. SEL is a widely accepted construct that policy makers at all levels value and will be paramount for our administrators. SEL can provide a solution to help our students cope, heal, and move forward. Join Scott Edgar and Bob Morrison as they discuss strategies to advocate for music education utilizing SEL. Presented by The NAMM Foundation in collaboration with NAfME.


Friday, January 22

The COVID-Safe Classroom: Updates on the Aerosol Study and Copyright Compliance, 1:00–2:05 PM ET/10:00–11:05 PM PT

Presented by James Weaver, Director for Performing Arts and Sports for NFHS. Hear the latest news on how to remain copyright compliant as you teach virtually or in a hybrid situation as well as updates on the aerosol study, including tips you can use as you return to teaching in-person. Presented by The NAMM Foundation in collaboration with NAfME.

Preparing for a Post-Pandemic Era in Music Education, 5:30–6:45 PM ET/2:30–3:45 PM PT

Join music supervisors from across the country (NAfME Council of Music Program Leaders: Mike Stone, Heather Cote, Jeanne Reynolds, Lance Nielsen) to learn the best techniques and tips for engaging students as you teach in-person and online simultaneously. The supervisors will also speak to their expectations of what Fall 2021 will be like for music education. Presented by The NAMM Foundation in collaboration with NAfME.


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