Music Selection

Choosing the right music for your students can be a BIG challenge at times.

It can be especially hard navigating through the wide array of educational resources on the Internet, as you try to find the music selections that will work for a particular concert, event, or holiday.

Whether you’re selecting sacred music, working to understand copyright and licensing, or trying to build a repertoire for a choir with changing voices, NAfME offers some great information on a variety of topics that you might find useful.


Sacred Music: How Neutral?

  • Lorri Napier

    sacred music for middle school students in Christian school

    • Amy Phillips

      I did “Adeste Fideles” by Greg Gilpin with my 8th grade women’s choir in a public school. Very lovely arrangement, a challenge in the earlier part of the year for an inexperienced choir but not too difficult if you don’t have lots of time. The girls loved it!