All-National Honor Ensembles FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions:


Who completes the application – the director or the student?

The student completes the application and profile, and submits it.  The director will receive an e-mail that student has submitted the application.  Upon receiving this e-mail, the students director will submit a recommendation for the student

What is the cost for students?

The cost for students is $650 is for quad housing at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel, and includes meals from Monday morning through Wednesday morning, transportation to and from the airport, and other activities.  Students are responsible for expenses related to travel to and from Nashville.  Students who desire a double room will pay $850. 

What is the cost for chaperones?

Chaperone costs will be approximately $700 and include double-occupancy room at the Gaylord Opryland, meals, and activities.  Conference registration is included for chaperones who are supervising groups of Honor Ensemble students.  Chaperones will have limited conference access due to chaperone responsibilities. 

Teachers accompanying students to the conference, but who are not serving as a group chaperone should register for the conference and make hotel arrangements on their own.

Is _____ piece okay for me to audition on?

Students must prepare 2 minutes of the piece they used for their all-state audition, OR 2 minutes of any piece of music on their state’s approved all-state audition repertoire list.

What if my state does not publish an approved repertoire list?

If your state does not publish an approved repertoire list, please choose a selection from standard solo repertoire that would be appropriate for high school festival or a college audition with guidance from your ensemble director.  The piece performed should be one that allows the selection committee to adequately evaluate the student’s ability.

Do I need to play with an accompanist?

Students can choose to play their 2 minute audition with or without accompaniment.  Ask your ensemble director what would be the best choice for you!

What if my piece is over 2 minutes in length?

The recommended length is 2 minutes. Slightly over and slightly under 2 minutes is acceptable. 

Can I play my audition video with a program like Music Minus One or SmartMusic?


Does the audition need to be a video or can an audio audition be uploaded?

The audition must be a video audition, but it does not need to be a professional recording. Recording your audition from a home video camera or on a web cam is sufficient.   Remember, the recording quality should be good enough for a selection committee to adequately evaluate the performance.

My file is really large/I can’t upload my video!

Support questions should be sent to  They can help convert the file to a smaller size if that’s the issue.

Why NAfME uses Acceptd?

We use Acceptd as our application portal because students can directly apply to colleges from this site.  Once your child completes their application and uploads their audition, they can use this same profile to apply to college music programs.  In addition, Acceptd has a “get discovered” feature where your child can ‘opt-in’ to allow colleges to view their profile and possibly recruit them!