Call for Applications: Teaching Music Magazine Advisory Committee

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Call for Applications:
Teaching Music Magazine Advisory Committee

NAfME is seeking applications from experienced members to help guide and plan Teaching Music magazine. Please carefully review the information below about the magazine, committee, and application process (includes a link to apply online). The deadline to apply is April 14, 2023.

About Teaching Music

Teaching Music magazine (TM) is a publication of the National Association for Music Education (NAfME). TM is a membership magazine serving all NAfME members with diverse range of articles developed and reviewed by NAfME members covering all NAfME Society and Council content areas and teaching levels and key current and emerging trends and issues in the field aligned with NAfME’s Mission, Vision, and Strategic Plan. TM also highlights NAfME strategic initiatives and other selected featured news stories from the association. Given that NAfME has five excellent peer-reviewed journals, the focus of TM is more practitioner-oriented, but includes articles and stories on opportunities and strategies for connecting research and practice and feature stories on key research developments, issues, and thought-leaders in the field. Each volume year of TM consists of four issues published in August, October, January, and April.

Teaching Music Magazine Advisory Committee

The TM Advisory Committee will be made up of approximately 12‒15 experienced NAfME members with diverse representation from the membership in regard to teaching level, content area expertise, state/regional representation, and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access (DEIA) considerations aligned with NAfME’s Mission, Vision, Belief Statement, and Strategic Plan. The committee will be further supported by the Professional Learning and Partnerships Committee to ensure input and representation in planning the magazine from all of NAfME’s Societies and Councils, including opportunities for input from new professionals in the field and collegiate members through the Collegiate Advisory Council.

The committee’s roles are as follows:

  • Plan and review content that aligns with NAfME’s Mission, Vision, and Strategic Plan.
  • Identify priority feature and cover stories and music educators to interview or help write articles.
  • Ensure balanced, engaging, impactful content across NAfME content areas, teaching levels, states/regions, and strategic initiatives of the association, etc.
  • Provide guidance and oversight for the overall structure and sections of the magazine.
  • Review article submissions received from the field (including engaging NAfME’s Councils related to content in their areas).
  • Identify outstanding potential contributors/writers (ongoing) to ensure diverse perspectives and topic selection.

The term of service on the committee will be four years. However, with the start of the committee on July 1, 2023, some of the initial members will be invited to serve two years to ensure a regular cycle of people rolling off and new appointments, consistent with all NAfME committees. Applicants will be reviewed and recommended by NAfME’s Professional Learning and Partnerships Committee (which includes representation by all societies and councils) and approved/appointed by NAfME’s President. The committee will meet virtually on a monthly or bimonthly basis, with additional work required between meetings as needed to discuss timely topics, review submissions, or provide support for issues being developed. The committee is supported by NAfME’s Assistant Executive Director for Professional Development and Publications, Editor, and Manager of Professional Learning and Publications.

Applying to Serve on the TM Magazine Advisory Committee

Applications for the committee must be completed by April 14, 2023. Applicants must be:

  • NAfME members (Active or Retired) for at least three years continuously at the time of application.
  • Have at least five years of experience as a music educator.

Prior to applying online, please note and prepare in advance, including with careful copyediting and text word counts, the following items:

  • Name, city, state, email address, and NAfME membership ID number
  • Confirmation that you are currently a NAfME member and have been a member for at least three out of the last four years
  • Your current role/position, the school/institution where you work, and what city and state it is in.
  • The number of years of experience you have in the music education field (minimum five years required)
  • Your education credentials including the following for each: exact name of the degree; name of the institution; city, state of the institution; and the year you earned the degree.
  • The primary music education content areas and educational levels you work with.
  • Your short bio as you would want it to appear on NAfME’s website (maximum 500 words).
  • A statement of interest regarding service on this committee (maximum 400 words). Describe your experience, expertise, commitment, and interests related to serving in this role and supporting NAfME members and the field of music education through the magazine aligned with NAfME’s mission, vision, and strategic plan.
  • List two references who can speak to your experience and expertise related to this position: name, position, institution/school, relationship to you, city, state, email.
  • Upload a writing sample in a PDF format (preferred, or a DOC or DOCX). Make sure the title of the writing sample and where/when it was published (magazine or journal article, preferred; or submitted as part of a degree program) is clearly referenced.

Thank you for your interest in applying!

Click here to start the online application process.

If you have questions, please contact Laura Reed, NAfME Professional Learning and Partnerships Manager,