Composing is as easy as 1-2-3

A 30 minute composition lesson using an 8 tone scale.  This could be simplified by using a penatonic scale, as well.  This can be approached in two ways, either by…


TSW PLAY ALL CONCERT MUSIC, and the students will be able play all music and they will the feel the music that they are playing. 

Mirrored Chord Diagrams

Approximately one in ten students do not comprehend standard chord diagrams. This lesson presents the reason and the solution for this challenge.


Students will perform song using correct posture, correct rhythms, and accurate pitches. Students will correctly identify and perform syncopated rhythms. Students will play barred instruments with accurate rhythms and pitches,…

You Raise Me Up

Students will perform a song expressively, with appropriate dynamics, phrasing, and interpretation. Students will be able to identify music symbols and traditional terms referring to dynamics and tempo. Students will…

Yankee Doodle

Students will sing with good balance and blend, match dynamic levels as they sing and will demonstrate awareness of the role of the individual within the group.