NAfME Reimagined National Leadership Assembly 2020 – Wednesday, June 24

General Session to include Call to Order and Roll Call

  • All National Assembly attendees gathered for “The Star-Spangled Banner”, Call to Order, and Roll Call.
  • President Mackie V. Spradley addressed “Writing the Vision”.
  • View the General Session.

Writing the Vision

  • Presenter:
    • President Mackie V. Spradley
  • View the “Writing the Vision” session here.
  • “Writing the Vision” materials available here.

Strategic Plan

  • Presenter:
    • Christopher Woodside, NAfME Interim Executive Director
  • View the “Strategic Plan” session here.
  • “Strategic Plan” materials available here.

State Editors Meeting

  • Presenters:
    • Susan Lindsay, Council Chair Emerita
    • Sean Meagher, Incoming Chair
  • The Council of State Editors welcomed editors and guests from all 53 NAfME Federated Music Education Associations. Council Chair Emerita Susan Lindsay, Incoming Chair Sean Meagher, and NAfME staffers learned about NAfME resources, got tips from experienced publication team leaders, and had fun with words, ideas, and strange instruments. 
  • View the State Editors Meeting.
  • State Editors Meeting materials available here.

ALF Meeting

  • The Advocacy Leadership Force meeting brought together advocacy experts from all over the country to exchange stories and ideas from the past year. ALF members learned from their colleagues how music education advocacy has changed in the wake of COVID-19, how their colleagues have adapted to the challenges that lay ahead, and what the future looks like for music education.
  • Click here to view the ALF Meeting (registration required to view).

State Executives Meeting

  • Presenter:
    • Abi Young, Chair (PMEA)
  • The Federated MEA Executive meeting will be held on June 23-24 via Zoom. Music education association executives or designeeses, are invited to participate. Topics will include best practices during COVID-19, planning virtual conferences, legal and financial considerations, and NAfME technology updates.

State Presidents Meeting

  • Presenter:
    • President Mackie V. Spradley
  • The MEA State Presidents gathered to discuss NAfME programs and initiatives with the National President and Governance leaders and Division Presidents.

President’s Cabinet Meeting

  • Presenters:
    • President Mackie V. Spradley
    • Kathleen D. Sanz, Immediate Past President

Collegiate Advocacy Summit

  • The Collegiate Advocacy Summit was held on June 23 and 24. This year’s virtual event occurred as part of the “NAfME Reimagined National Leadership Assembly 2020” for all NAfME leaders, which included collegiate programming on advocacy and leadership development. The summit was an opportunity to network and collaborate with fellow music education majors from around the United States.
  • View Day 2 of the Collegiate Advocacy Summit.

What do we do to…make that change?

  • Presenters:
    • President Mackie V. Spradley
    • Scott Sheehan, President-Elect
  • “What do we do to…make that change?” materials available here.

Building Capacity Infrastructure

  • Presenters:
    • Kathleen D. Sanz, Immediate Past President
    • Denese Odegaard, Past President (2018-2020)
  • Assuring Your MEA Runs Smoothly (Organizational Vitality). Empower your leadership to be effective and knowledgeable about running an association. Understand the components of board member roles and responsibilities, policies for legal implications, strategic planning, and meeting facilitation.
  • View the “Building Capacity Infrastructure” session here.

Cook Ross-Next Steps!

  • Presenters:
    • Mike Raiber, Immediate Past President, Southwestern Division
    • Karen Salvador, President, North Central Division
    • Russ Sperling, Past President (2016-2018), Western Division
  • This session seeks to place the Cook Ross report recommendations in priority order related to action steps on the national, state and local levels. This work will be accomplished in both large group discussions and breakout sessions. Those attending are asked to review the recommendations in the Cook Ross Executive Summary prior to this session.
  • “Cook Ross-Next Steps!” materials:


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