Professional Development for General Music Educators

Professional Development for General Music Educators


The music education community is strong. This is one of the most exciting times in music education history and there is no greater time to band together, learn from each other, and bring new innovative techniques to your classroom from across the country.

If you’re a general music educator, check out these exciting sessions being presented this November in Grapevine, Texas, and join us for learning, networking, and a great time of renewal in your career!

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Making Connections: Using Music to Make Artistic, Interdisciplinary, and Lifelong Connections for Special Learners

Presented by Brian Wagner

Did you know that repertoire can be used to teach your students skills that can be incorporated outside of the classroom? The music that you choose can have way more value than just academic and musical purpose. You can use music to further develop: social, life, interpersonal, and interdisciplinary skills for our students. These are skills that they can take away into the real world. This can easily benefit our special learners, however this can be an important skill for all of our students. Read more.

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Centers in Music Class? YES!

Presented by Dawn Sloan

Did you ever walk by a preschool or kindergarten classroom and wonder, “What in the world are they doing in there?” After asking myself this question for about the millionth time, I decided to take a closer look. Do you know what I discovered was going on in their loud, fun, seemingly chaotic classrooms? Learning. Meaningful, engaging, differentiated learning and discovery for every child. Read more.

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Cloud-Based Pop Music Compositions Open Doors for Students and Teachers

Presented by Matt Warren

For 50 years, incorporating popular music into school music curriculums has been a hotly-debated topic among music educators. Available tools now allow students to create fascinating and refined original popular music compositions and lets them do it anywhere instead of being chained to your school’s music lab. Read more.

Learn what other sessions are available for General Music and General Interest in music education at the 2016 NAfME National In-Service Conference, November 10-13, in Grapevine, TX.