Professional Development for Music Education Professors and Administrators

Professional Development for Music Education Professors and Administrators


The music education community is strong. This is one of the most exciting times in music education history and there is no greater time to band together, learn from each other, and bring new innovative techniques to your classroom from across the country.

If you’re a music education professor or administrator, check out these exciting sessions being presented this November in Grapevine, Texas, and join us for learning, networking, and a great time of renewal in your career!

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SEADAE Arts Assessment Symposium: Advances in Arts Assessment

Education is gearing up for change. Driven by the reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, now known as Every Student Succeeds (ESSA), this legislative shift at the federal level marks a significant opportunity for arts education with assessment a key issue. This symposium will provide a platform for sharing advancements in arts assessment policies and practices from the local, state, and national levels. Breakout sessions will address assessment models for measuring student learning in the arts, advances in technology, new state initiatives in arts assessments, and lessons learned from the state work that emanated from the US Department of Education Race to the Top (RTTT) grants and subsequent federal waivers. Read more.

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Philosophy in Action: Committing to Supporting Music-Making Opportunities

Presented by Ann M. Deisler and Angel M. Vazquez-Ramos

For a long time we music educators have supported the idea of music for all. But how do we put that philosophy into action? Our upcoming session at NAFME’s 2016 National In-Service Conference in Grapevine, Texas, will explore partnerships between universities and K-12 music programs as well as successful community ensembles that have fostered lifelong instrumental and/or vocal music-making.

An overview of current partnerships across the nation will be examined, as well as the presenters’ own experience of collaboration within this setting. We will discuss partnership benefits for the university and the K-12 music programs, such as recruitment, exposure, support, articulation and a means to further lifelong music-making in the community. Read more.

Bakersfield City School District Music Teacher Stephen Johnson, pictured here, works with the 2015 District Junior High/Middle School Honor Orchestra. My Johnson, in his first years of teaching, is an expert in the area of string bass pedagogy (Photo credit, Bakersfield City School District, Bakersfield, California)

Mentoring New Music Teachers for Lifelong Success in the Profession

Presented by Michael Stone

What works when it comes to mentoring those new to the profession? Clearly, music program leaders have the ability to create structures for professional learning that will ease entry into the multifaceted profession of music education. Additionally, professional associations can provide an additional avenue of support. During my years as a state Music Educators Association (MEA) president and music supervisor in the Bakersfield City School District I have learned several key elements necessary for the successful mentorship of music educators new to the profession. Read more.

Learn what other sessions are available for music education professors and administrators at the 2016 NAfME National In-Service Conference, November 10-13, in Grapevine, TX