2018 NAfME Student Composers Competition


About the Competition

NAfME is seeking original music written by student composers for featured performance in the Young Composers Concert. Teachers and students are invited to submit original compositions by students for possible inclusion in the concert. Students in elementary school, secondary school, college, and graduate school are eligible to submit compositions.

Compositions may also be submitted for specific chamber instrumentation and may be eligible for performance at the Young Composers Concert and a cash award. Compositions submitted that fall outside of the band or chamber instrumentation guidelines will be adjudicated but will not be eligible for awards or for performance.

Up to ten winning composers will receive cash awards, thanks to the generous support of the European American Musical Alliance (Dr. Philip Lasser, president) and the Double R Foundation. All entrants will receive written evaluations of their compositions.

All entrants will receive written evaluations of their compositions.

Entrants will be notified of the winners by e-mail in mid-July.

How to Apply


2017 Student Composition Winners:



Brian Shon, “Nightingale’s Anthem, Alpharetta, Georgina

  • Teacher, Soojung Jeon

Honorable Mention

Caitlyn Tomson, “Symphony No.1 in A Minor Thrill,” Salem, Oregon

  • Teacher, Richard Greenwood

Committee Selected Performing Piece

Zoe Fischthal, “Fallen to Witches Snare,” Gaithersburg, Maryland

  • Teacher, Becky Pritchard

High School

Winner and Performing Piece

Daniel DiMarino, “Temptations,” Pottstown, Pennsylvania

  • Teacher, Sheila McIntyre


Stella Gitelman Willoughby, Structurae Modorum,” Cambridge, Massachusetts

  • Teacher, Ben Peterson

Honorable Mention

Samuel Sussman, “Recursion,” Bedford Hills, New York

  • Teacher, Dr. Paul Tooker

Barbara Juminaga, Circus Woodwind Quintet,” Highland Park, Illinois

  • Teacher, Merie Jusuf

Committee Selected Performing Piece

Samuel Sussman, “Number Four,” Bedford Hills, New York

  • Teacher, Dr. Paul Tooker


No winner selected for this category this year


*Previously published works are not eligible for submission in the competition.

*Submission implies permission for NAfME to perform and record all selected works.