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Thank you for joining the Concert for Music In Our Schools Month!

music in our schools

The 2016 Concert selections were chosen for their range and adaptability, and to reflect our 2016 MIOSM theme, “Music Inspires!”

We are proud to present the 2016 Concert for MIOSM selections through the Hal Leonard Corporation and Noteflight. With this software, you will be able to download PDFs of the music and listen to the recorded track all with the same link.  Click on each selection below to view and access Concert music:

Celebrar el Dia: Noteflight Music

Celebrar el Dia: Performance Track

Dona Nobis Pacem: Noteflight Music

Dona Nobis Pacem: Performance Track

Enter with Singing:  Noteflight Music

Enter with Singing:  Performance Track

I Sing Because I’m Happy: Noteflight Music

I Sing Because I’m Happy: Performance Track

I’ve Been to Haarlem: Noteflight Music

I’ve Been To Haarlem:  Performance Track

Imaginary Lines:  Noteflight Music

Imaginary Lines: Performance Track

J’entends Le Moulin:  Noteflight Music

J’entends Le Moulin:  Performance Track

The Moon:  Noteflight Music

The Moon:  Performance Track

In addition, we have several accompaniment tracks for this year’s Concert music:

Celebrar el Dia

Dona Nobis Pacem

Enter with Singing

I Sing Because I’m Happy

J’entends Le Moulin

NAfME is able to provide the music for the Concert for MIOSM because the copyright holders have generously granted us permission to do so. Teachers are permitted to reproduce sufficient copies of this music for use in preparation for and performances of the Concert for MIOSM only.

Please help us continue our partnerships with these publishers and composers by refraining from using this music for any purpose other than the Concert for MIOSM. Please be sure that you destroy copies after you have participated in the concert. For non-MIOSM use, please purchase student copies of the music from your favorite music retailer.

Be sure to Request your Participation Certificate!

Thank you to Hal Leonard Corporation and Noteflight

for its continued support of The Concert for Music In Our Schools Month by providing the sheet music and audio tracks for the 2016 program.


Questions? Contact

Thank you!

  • Debra Kay Robinson Lindsay

    Thanks. My students are excited about taking part in MIOSM. 🙂

  • Kathleen Kiesel-Nield

    Is there a way to download the recordings and music? I can print the music but it won’t let me save copy to my computer.

    • kristenrNAfME

      Hi Kathleen, for questions regarding the concert for MIOSM music, please email Shannon Kelly: Thank you!

  • Kathi Hernandez

    How do I print this music??

  • Cindy Dain

    When I click on audio tracks, it says “page not found.” Will they be available at a later date or is this a computer glitch?

    • Manuel Henao

      I get the same message….

    • Will

      I have the same problem as Cindy. I do not have an accompanist for my choir, and the audio tracks are what I have used in concerts before. The audio examples with students singing also provide a good example for my students of how the piece should sound.

  • Angela Mangum

    In the past, NAfME/ MENC has always provided members with access to sheet music and professional audio tracks for the Music In Our Schools Month celebrations. At this time, there is a computerized Noteflight accompaniment/vocal lines that will play from each sheet music link. I hope that NAfME will be able to continue to provide members with the high quality educational MIOSM materials, including professional audio tracks.

    • kristenrNAfME

      Hi Angela, we are working on getting those audio tracks. Stay tuned!

      • Angela Mangum

        Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  • Debra Kay Robinson Lindsay

    I am having quite a dilemma trying to print. I find the Help Page and Info of no help. Please HELP!!

    • kristenrNAfME

      Hi Debra, if you have any questions regarding the MIOSM sheet music, please email Shannon Kelly at

  • Paula

    Would you please add the percussion parts for “Celebrar el Dia”? My students would love to play this!

  • Heather

    The certificate that I was given to print for participation in the Concert for MIOSM says 2015. Is it possible to get one that says 2016?

    • kristenrNAfME

      Heather, please complete this 2016 form to receive your certificate: