Tri-M Individual Awards

Individual Awards

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Master Musician


The Master Musician excels in music, is a highly qualified performer with a basic knowledge of music theory, has achieved success in the performance field by earning many honors locally and in district or state contests, and is particularly active in performing in school or community functions.

Tri-M Leadership


Members who earn the Tri-M Leadership Recognition Award are prominent leaders in school, chapter, and community organizations and activities, in addition to being involved in music. They do not have to be award-winning musicians, but they must be great leaders.

Tri-M Outstanding Service Recognition


To receive the Tri-M Outstanding Service Recognition, you must demonstrate exceptional examples of service, working with or on behalf of others, without being paid or materially rewarded. Those receiving this award are involved with music, but are particularly active in school, chapter, and community organizations and activities.

Honor Ensemble Achievement


The Honor Ensemble Achievement Certificate recognizes Tri-M members selected to represent their schools in an honor ensemble during a state, division, or national conference.


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