Frequently Asked Questions


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Why start a Tri-M chapter? 

  • Recognize the outstanding music students in your school, and the importance of music education in shaping the leaders of tomorrow 
  • Highlight your music program and make an impact in your community through public performances and service projects
  • Motivate students to take on leadership roles within the chapter and develop key skills for future success

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What are the requirements of Tri-M membership?

Tri-M student members must be enrolled in at least one music class for at least one semester, have a 2.0 GPA in their core classes, and a 3.0 in their music class(es), and be of strong character.

Read more about the standards on the Tri-M Membership Criteria page.

How do I induct student members and elect student leadership?

Once you’ve determined which students are eligible to become members, you will want to hold an induction ceremony (see #4 for questions about Induction Ceremonies). You will also want to select your Chapter Officers, such as president, vice president, secretary, etc. Chapter Officers should be elected by the chapter membership, or appointed by the advisor.

Chapter Officer duties can be found in the Tri-M Quick-Start Guide.


How do I recruit members for my chapter?

There are many ways to recruit potential members to your Tri-M chapter. Hand out the Tri-M Learning Guide to students in your school’s music program, post the fourth page of the Tri-M Justification Toolkit as a flyer around your school to draw attention to your program, or hold interest meetings after school where you review the Tri-M Quick-Start Guide showing potential members how you plan to build your chapter with them from the ground up!


How do I plan a chapter induction ceremony for new student members?

When inducting your student members, be sure to send them an induction letter prior to the ceremony (sample here). Don’t forget to reserve a room at your school! Finally, you’ll need to create a script and program for the event.

See page 15 of the Tri-M Quick-Start Guide for examples.


What should a chapter meeting include? How often should we meet?

Chapter meetings will be used to determine many different things, including member selection, and selecting chapter service projects. 

Create a shared online calendar (Example: Google Calendars) for your chapter that all members can access, and hold a poll to determine how often chapter meetings should take place. It is recommended chapters meet at least once a month.


What types of service projects should my chapter have, and how many hours of service are required per student each semester?

When selecting a service project for your chapter, set goals and guidelines ahead of time. Is your project meant to help the community, the school, or both? Do you have the resources to accomplish your goals? Which members are assigned to which tasks?

The amount of required service hours should either be set by the advisor, determined by the chapter officers, or voted upon by the chapter. It is recommended that students obtain at least 10 service hours per semester. 

Where can I find example service projects?

There are many different types of service projects, from hosting an instrument petting zoo, to organizing a coin drive, to performing in your community, and more!

For examples and ideas shared from other chapters, visit our Service Project Ideas page.


What is the Tri-M National Service Day?

Tri-M National Service Day is January 16th, 2017. 

All chapters of Tri-M are encouraged to participate through a service project of their choosing that benefits their school and/or community, and highlights music and music education. 


How do I create a website for my Tri-M chapter?

To give your chapter visibility online and in your community, create a Tri-M chapter website tailored specifically to your program. There you can list rosters of members, service projects your chapter has accomplished, accolades earned, and more!

Click here to see examples of other websites from chapters across the nation, and watch the “Building your Tri-M website” webinar for tips and tricks in creating your website. 


What kind of Tri-M merchandise can I purchase, and where can I shop?

Represent your Tri-M chapter with pride by wearing Tri-M Music Honor Society t-shirts, attaching patches to book bags and backpacks, or putting a Tri-M magnet on your locker. Be sure to pick up graduation swag as well for when you cross the stage into your future!

Find all these items and more at the Tri-M Online Shop or order from the Tri-M Catalog.


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