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  • Design Considerations for Secondary School Music Facilities 

Click here to watch this webinar recording from Wenger Corporation

Numerous design and acoustical requirements determine the effectiveness of your secondary school music facilities. During this presentation we will review five critical factors –Acoustics, Floor Plan, Technology, Storage, and Equipment – that will help promote critical listening, sound isolation, efficient space layout and proper equipment recommendations for those individuals who teach, learn, perform, and experience music in your spaces.

Presenter: Michael Duba, Wenger Corporation

Learning Objectives:

  • Determine the effectiveness of a facility’s acoustics in promoting critical listening and effective music education.
  • Examine the layout and design of their music suite/s and determine is the space is effective, ineffective, or even unusable.
  • Consider the importance of accommodating today’s technology needs while providing future flexibility.
  • Understand the critical role of storage and its effects on acoustics, traffic flow, equipment management and security in music facilities.
  • Understand the procedure of choosing proper equipment to guarantee a successful music suite.


  • Culturally Responsive Teaching

Click here to watch this webinar recording from Longy School of Music

Music education is undergoing a revolution in how to center students to empower their agency and honor all identities within a classroom. Explore how Longy is leading the way in the culturally responsive teaching movement.

Panelists include Longy Master of Music in Music Education students Lauren DeLago, Maria Del Valle Brin, and Ivonne Luna; faculty members Sarah Fard and Eben Heldreth; and Erin Zaffini, Longy’s Director of Teacher Education.